About Us.

Our Vision

At Trinate Global Limited, we are a team of experienced professionals in digital marketing Services. Our aim is to get you listed among big brands and generate more business. Our Vision is To become the preferred choice for technology solution & services across East Africa.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Deliver Business solutions through innovative technology and uplift the service standards to the success of our customers with human touch.We also aim to ensure smooth implementation and intergration of our solutions in your business.


Client Satisfaction

Clients’ satisfaction is our priority as a company. We involve the clients in the whole process of project development from step to step. If the client changes the project requirements along the way, we adjust to the new requirements to come up with a final solution that fully satisfies the client.

Powerful Solutions

We have partnered with several companies including odoo and developed solutions considering day to day operational challenges combining modules such as finance, sales, websites, inventory & MRP, human resource, marketing, services and productivity

Professional Team

We have a dedicated and technically compliant team considering experts from Retail, Manufacturing, ERP Implementation, Trade, Finance, Government and Humanitarian verticals.

Fast Response

We are always ready to respond to you immediately. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us

Defined Project Timelines

We do proper planning and ensure that all the client’s requirements are stated out clearly so that proper timelines are drawn from it.

Reliable Support

We have a trained and professional support team that is ready to support you end to end during your implementation of our solutions.

Our Clients